Riccardo Fattori

Deer portrait 2017

Riccardo Fattori

The artist, designer and free thinker, Riccardo Fattori, works in art, fashion, communication and design for important companies and organisations. He lives and works surrounded by the immense iconography of Tuscany without being swayed by its rhetoric. He opposes classicism as much as modernity; his thoughts are sweet, untidy, universal and truly human. He is a collector of thoughts, of aesthetics and of many things while remaining faithful to a unique set of opinions, his own.

His works transform into narrative the most profound and sincere impulses of thought and feeling, his poetry never betrays its own coherence; it is crystalline, reflected, almost hygiene for the spirit.

Each of his visions is a stratified dizziness, kaleidoscopic, the depths of a simple soul. A turbine of inhomogeneous quotes, a chasm of signs where anyone can locate their own unique place for reading and participating.

His works are almost thaumaturgical, transforming logic into magic, stories into tales, corners into depths. He doesn’t know he is a maestro.