Tres Realidades 2018


The works of Pabliu Lucero are slow sequences that trace the lines of how he experiences and perceives the world. 

The narrative of his images does not belong to a search for an identity that can be constructed and deconstructed which for Lucero is merely a fact of modern life. He seeks, instead to report faithfully and to document human emotions, be they fundamental or transitory. 

His versatile selection of materials and techniques, his love of experimenting, his disordered energy that is typical of the Latin world where he grew up are all part of Lucero’s cultural roots. His pursuit of happiness is contagious and expresses itself in fleeting moments of joy and unexpected possibilities. In the world of Pabliu Lucero reality and imagination do not live on separate planes which can touch or overlap. His works never suggest a melancholy escape from reality, but openings into ways to understand and experience the real world in all its beauty. Pabliu Lucero is devoted to contradiction, an alchemist of material languages, a contemporary.