Portrait of herself8

Monica Bonzano

MONICA BONZANO the visual poetry of Monica Bonzano, internationally famous artist and designer, does not need explanation, capable, as it is, of touching with a few strokes, the chords of our most intimate sense of humanity, fragile, yet strong, delicate, yet tough. Her works are a log of the journey we know as life. Her figures, female or without gender, are slim, minute, with movements that are numbed and faces that are full of curiosity and absence.

The surfaces, worn with colour and with the deception of fast strokes are the result of a meticulous research into a sense of identity and belonging, the response of an individual in search of freedom, of unreal perfection and glamour. Linen canvases, cloth and fabrics, washes, erasures and layers characterise Monica Bonzano’s works, works that are able to hold the density of time and give back the immediacy of a moment.