Eataly Las Vegas: Made in Italy 24 / 7 in the city where everything is possible

Eataly  Las Vegas opened on the 27th of December 2018 in the city of lights and entertainment. The huge food hall is right in the centre of the city, on the Strip, the beating heart of Las Vegas and obligatory first stop for tourists. You can choose from thousands of traditional Italian dishes, to eat immediately or to take away to enjoy in peace at home.

The city where everything and anything is possible, the casino capital, with glitzy theatres, shows and hotels suites costing thousands of dollars a night, now has a 4,000 square metre space dedicated to traditional Italian cooking. Eataly has many restaurants and bars for tasting different dishes, all carefully prepared under the leadership of Executive Chef Nicole Brisson. You can wander through the Cucina del Mercato which has everything: salamis, cheeses, a butcher’s, a pizzeria serving traditional pizzas prepared with slow leavened dough.

La Salumeria: Cheesemonger & Kitchen/Photo credit: Francisco Lupini/Eataly USA

The novelty of the marketplace is that you can choose what you would like to eat fresh from the stalls and then watch it being cooked while you wait. There is also a fishmonger’s with Mediterranean fish and seafood, a counter selling fried street food, a “rosticceria”, panini with freshly made mozzarella and fresh “homemade” pasta produced on site by skilled chefs. There are also three wine stores: at Aperitivo you can sip Negroni and Spritz, in the Enoteca you can sample prestigious labels by the glass and then there is the elegant Gran Caffè Milano, with a replica of the famous bull mosaic from the famous Vittorio Emanuele Gallery. 

If you are looking for a more traditional dining experience, there are two restaurants with waiter service, Manzo and La Pizza e La Pasta, where you can choose from a menu. There are also bars serving real Italian espresso and pastries and chocolate counters for those with a sweet tooth. If you are a budding chef there is the Chef’s Table, which allows you to see in person how dishes are prepared and laboratories for learning about Italian foods from all over Italy: you can learn how to make gnocchi or about the differences between Tuscan and Sicilian olive oil for example. 

The Eataly chain was founded by the entrepreneur, Oscar Farinetti, who has decided to keep the Las Vegas mega food hall open 24 hours a day, seven days a week because, as any seasoned poker player knows, day and night often roll into one in Vegas. 


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